Radar Precipitation Forecast API (Beta)
Powered by MeteoGroup


MeteoGroup’s Radar Precipitation Forecast API provides time series with short-term precipitation forecasts, based on radar data via https://precipitation-forecast.weather.mg/search. A forecast can be requested that is either representative of a specific location, or an area smaller than 40x40 km (via the bounding box).

The time series contains a data set, including the latest observed radar-derived precipitation intensity value combined with a 3-hourly forecast. The time series has a temporal resolution of between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the temporal resolution of the original source data.

Data sources used for the Radar Precipitation Forecast API

CountrySpatial resolutionTemporal resolution
Germany1km5 min
Belgium1km15 min
Netherlands1km5 min
UK/Ireland1km5 min
Spain2km10 min
France1km5 min
Switzerland1km5 min
Scandinavia2km15 min
Poland2km30 min
Australia2km10 min

Value proposition of the Radar Precipitation Forecast API

The value proposition of the Lightning API is as listed in the following table, which emphasizes where MeteoGroup adds value to core data.

ParameterValue added
CoverageUsing different areas / sources.
SharpnessAreas are available in the highest resolution.
CorrectnessApplying an optimized decluttering algorithm to filter out false radar echoes.
CompletenessAdding forecast radar data and precipitation type to core data.
Temporal resolutionEnabling a 3-hour forecast time series based on radar data.
AvailabilityTime series via API allows optimal integration to aid decision making.