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MeteoGroup Shipping’s Nautical Service delivers high quality weather forecast and hindcasts to the nautical industry.

Companies that have a need to collect weather details for a planned voyage, for a sailed route, for any location offshore can retrieve these from MeteoGroup’s Nautical Service. The weather details contain parameters that are of special interest to the marine sector. Parameters like Wind at bridge height, Swell, Wind waves, Currents, Water temperature and many more parameters can be collected.

The weather source is MeteoGroup’s own Nautical MeteoBase. MeteoGroup Shipping combines the largest intake of available weather models, interpreted and enriched by our in-house meteorologists. The result is a nautical forecast model that outperforms any alternative.

For customers that know other Marine products from MeteoGroup: the source data for the Nautical Service is the same as in other products like SPOS, RouteGuard/FleetGuard and Offshore location forecasts.

The Nautical Service supports more or less only 1 call: give me Marine Weather parameters for this (array of) position(s) and time stamp(s). The service will respond, depending on the requested time stamp with all the parameters for either the latest forecast (9 days) or the hindcast. Hindcast data is supported for 1 year back from the current date.

The data comes in a spatial resolution of 1 degree globally, ocean-tidal currents on 0.5 degree The Nautical Service offers full interpolation of all the weather parameters to exactly the requested location and time stamp.

Supports OAuth 2.0

The 'Search' request explained

Search Hindcasts or Forecasts

!! Be aware that due to the GeoJSON convention the coordinates needs to be given as [Longitude, Latitude] (usually in the Marine sector this is used in the opposite order).

Specifying an array of multiple locations and time stamps in one request is possible. The Service will return with a response in exact the same order. There are no unique ID’s added.


A sample request using the Nautical Service looks like this:
Search for hindcast or forecast multiple location and timestamp pairs [POST]
                    "items": [{
                        "locatedAt": [-52, -71],
                        "validAt": "2017-06-23T18:00Z"
            "items": [
                    "locatedAt": [-52, -71],
                    "validAt": "2017-06-23T18:00Z",
                    "source": "forecast",
                    "airPressureInHectoPascal": 993.75,
                    "windSpeedInKnots": 14,
                    "windDirectionInDegrees": 215,
                    "seaHeightInMeters": 0,
                    "seaPeriodInSeconds": 0,
                    "swellDirectionInDegrees": 165,
                    "swellHeightInMeters": 0,
                    "swellPeriodInSeconds": 4,
                    "visibilityCode": 3,
                    "visibility": "Poor/Moderate",
                    "weatherCode": 3,
                    "weather": "Fog",
                    "precipitationProbabilityInPercent": 8,
                    "heightOf500HectoPascalLevelInMeters": 4988,
                    "seaTemperatureInCelsius": -2,
                    "airTemperatureInCelsius": -21,
                    "windSpeedAt50MetersInKnots": 16,
                    "windDirectionAt50MetersInDegrees": 230,
                    "icingClass": 0,
                    "icing": "Severe",
                    "riskWindSpeedInKnots": 26,
                    "windGustInKnots": 18,
                    "windGustAt50MetersInKnots": 21,
                    "totalWaveHeightInMeters": 0,
                    "totalWaveDirectionInDegrees": 165,
                    "riskWaveHeightInMeters": 1.7

Available values for the textual parameters


For detailed instructions on how to obtain the necessary authorization information, please contact the Marine support team.

The url of the OAuthServer, to be called with your given username/pw is

HTTP Status Codes

This API uses HTTP status codes to communicate with the API consumer.

Error Responses

This API returns HTTP status code 400 Bad Request and human-readable error messages in response body when an error is encountered.

Generic Errors

            "__ERROR__": [
                "Something weird happened."

Validation Errors

            "errors": {
                "validAt": [
                    "The value must fall within the range from one year in the past till nine days in the future."