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What is an API?

An API is a way to get data from one system to another automatically and in a predictable format. APIs are important for business because they allow programmers to build amazing tools that help people do their jobs more effectively.

When a request is received, a response is returned with the weather information in a predictable format. You can easily use it however you want, with complete flexibility, no matter what your business needs are. The only limitation is your imagination.

The central concept of MeteoGroup's Weather APIs is an HTTP request, including specific parameters, and with proper authorization.

When properly formatted, and with proper authorization, it is easy to create a connection between your system and MeteoGroup's weather information database.

This weather data can be either observation data (what is currently happening) or forecast data (what is going to happen).

Forecast data is generated by MeteoGroup's mutli-model forecasting system, which performs billions of calculations every second to deliver accurate, reliable data, so that you can plan your operations around the weather, not reacting to it.

Weather API Features

  • Location Availability: Select multiple locations in one request, saving time and money
  • Over 100 weather conditions, including"Feels Like" temperature, wind chill, and UV index
  • Travel in time: view weather information from the last 30 days and up to 15 days in the future
  • Time zone handling for easy, accurate access to global weather data
  • Data in your units: Weather APIs support both metric and Imperial units (plus a few others!)
  • High-performance scalable architecture automatically grows to suit your needs

Business Sector Availability ‐ We Work Where You Do

MeteoGroup's Weather APIs can be used no matter what your business needs are. For example:

  • Energy producers can receive asset-level information, be it for a wind or solar farm, or an individual windmill. Precise, accurate information for as many locations as is needed, as often as needed
  • Offshore clients will be able to receive asset-specific weather information, including hindcast and forecast, enabling precise maintenance planning
  • Insurance adjusters will have access to precise and defendable weather data that can be used to assess and justify weather-related claims with a high degree of confidence
  • Media clients can easily retrieve forecast information that can be used in advertising for web and mobile products, all in sync with MeteoGroup's linear broadcast solutions
  • Transportation organizations can build tools to notify operators of weather conditions at key points in their routes, minimizing risk and improving service

APIs Available Now

Point Forecast


Pick a location and the parameters you want, we'll tell you what's going to happen (at least with the weather).

Performing over a billion calculations per second, MeteoGroup's Weather Forecast API provides accurate, actionable data that you can use to plan your operations.


Point Observations


Need to know what the weather is like anywhere on the planet? You give us the coordinates, we'll give you the weather.

With the ability to return building-level resolution, MeteoGroup's Weather Observation API will provide you accurate, reliable weather information on what's happening. Now.




During a heavy summer storm, lightning can strike up to 10,000 times.

MeteoGroup's Lightning API offers both raw and aggregated data on lightning activity, and is optimized for usage on website, mobile or broadcast visualisations, royalty-free.


Sunrise & Sunset


When the sun sets, the horizon's color turns into beautiful variations of yellow, orange and red.

MeteoGroup's Sunrise & Sunset API provides sunset and sunrise times, so you'll know when to look towards the horizon.


Weather Warning API


MeteoGroup's Weather Warning API will provide severe weather warnings issues by numerous national weather services in a standard format.

This makes integration of governmental weather warnings from multiple agencies, including the UKMO, NOAA, and Environment Canada quick and easy.


Requesting Access

MeteoGroup Weather APIs are available to authenticated users only.

To obtain the necessary authorization, contact us or reach out to your MeteoGroup Sales Representative.


Mar. 2017
Documentation update. All parameters are available on a spread sheet.
Feb. 2017
Provide special aggregated lightning data, optimized for websites, mobile and broadcast.
Jan. 2017
Access to lightning observation data is offered.
Dec. 2016
Adding sunrise and sunset to the available data sets.
Oct. 2016
Adding time-wise aggregation for parameters, like e.g. maximum temperature for day or night.
Aug. 2016
Adding weather station observation data sets.
Jan. 2016
From now on Weather API delivers the very first five weather parameters of the hourly forecast:
  • air temperature
  • wind speed
  • wind gust
  • air pressure
  • dew point temperature
Nov. 2015
Restricted the access to the API, for the development there are free keys available, send a request via contact form.
Oct. 2015
Introduced resolving of time zone information for any requested location on earth