Weather API
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What is it about?

The Weather API is a weather data service — it allows you to get weather data for every location on earth.

This weather data can be either observation data (actual measured weather) or forecast data. The weather forecast you get is computed by MeteoGroup's innovative weather forecast system.

General API Features

Available data sets

Point Forecast & Observation

weather stations

MeteoGroup’s innovative forecast system delivers high quality weather forecasts for more than 50.000 stations world-wide. The forecast calculation is optimized with real time observations to achieve even higher accuracy for 6 hours into the future (nowcasting).

Forecast weather parameter
Observation weather parameter


Lightning Observation


During a heavy summer storm, multiple 10.000 lightning strikes or flashes can happen. MeteoGroup offers not only world-wide access to the raw observation data, but also an aggregated data set, which is optimized for usage on website, mobile or broadcast visualisations.

Technical documentation


Sunrise & Sunset


When the sun sets, the horizon's color turns into beautiful variations of yellow, orange and red. MeteoGroup's API offers concrete sunset and sunrise times, so you will be informed, when to look towards the horizon.

Technical documentation


How does it work?

The central concept of the Weather API is a HTTP request, specified by its parameters. You as a consumer send a request and receive a response containing the weather information.

How do I get access?

The API usage is exclusively granted to authenticated users. To obtain these credentials please kindly use our contact form.

What does it cost?

During our beta phase, the pricing model is not fixed. To obtain your individual offer please kindly use our contact form.


Feb. 2017
Provide special aggregated lightning data, optimized for websites, mobile and broadcast.
Jan. 2017
Access to lightning observation data is offered.
Dec. 2016
Adding sunrise and sunset to the available data sets.
Oct. 2016
Adding time-wise aggregation for parameters, like e.g. maximum temperature for day or night.
Aug. 2016
Adding weather station observation data sets.
Jan. 2016
From now on Weather API delivers the very first five weather parameters of the hourly forecast:
  • air temperature
  • wind speed
  • wind gust
  • air pressure
  • dew point temperature
Nov. 2015
Restricted the access to the API, for the development there are free keys available, send a request via contact form.
Oct. 2015
Introduced resolving of time zone information for any requested location on earth